About us

Astrec Data is the only data centre in Estonia with NATO and state grade security standards. Our highest security facility is with 24/7 on-site manned surveillance. We are proud that since our launch in 2015, in more than two years we’ve had no service disruptions and 0 downtime. And in that time we’ve never had one single customer leave, making our customer satisfaction rates 100%.
We partner with and cater to businesses who value credibility, reliability and security. Our unique offering brings most value if your budget starts from 500€ per month. Our capacity to grow is quick, from 40 server racks currently to 200 within a year.

We offer migration assistance, including server relocation logistics. And guarantee migrations with no down-time. Our standard hardware solutions are always available within 3 days.
We are in a unique position in close proximity to Russia and yet still in the EU, surrounded by the Nordic-Baltic countries. We have facilities in Tallinn, Jõhvi, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg. With readiness to cater to customers in Germany and across Europe.

Committed to excellence

We are experts in our field with a combined experience of 100+ years and a passion for what we do.

Agility & Scalability

We are able to scale our resources and capacity from 40 racks to 200 racks within a single year.

Relationships and trust

We strive to provide personalised services by always building a relationship with you and your business.

PCI-DSS Certificate

We are very proud that DC has been successfully certificated according to compliance of PCI DSS version 3.2.1 for colocation services.

PCI DSS certificate is a mandatory for companies who process with card payments. At this reason FinTech companies are our customers as well.

PCI-DSS Certificate